Sundays - Long Runs

This group is for runners training for longer distances. Mileage is usually between 10-15 miles at 8:00 - 8:30 minutes/mile pace, but distance may increase when building up for longer races. At these times the usual plan is to add in optional extensions of 2-5 miles after the main run.

Meet at Richmond Park Kingston Gate Car Park at 8.30am. On occasion other locations may be suggested (such as Box Hill!), so please keep an eye on the latest schedule below. For more info, please speak to or email Phil Davies.

Long Run Schedules for the next few weeks.

Sunday 2/4: This Sunday, I will lead a route of at least 10 miles, or longer if my hamstrings don't complain. There will be options for extra miles if anyone is training for a Spring marathon. 


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