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Posted 25/2/2017

Hi Stragglists,
Great Balls of Fire
I generally try to keep matters above the waist for the Friday email but this was too good not to mention. Whilst we lot were feeling the icy blast from a cold wind on our flat trip to Windsor the other week, Vince decided to keep the circulation going by hitting the Surrey Hills. As with us, he dressed appropriately for the weather and finished his preparation as all sensible cyclists do, by applying some chaff cheating shammy cream. Once out on the road he was beginning to feel pretty uncomfortable in the saddle area and it only got worse. Returning home after an eye watering ride, he went to the cupboard only to find that he had dipped into a pot of embrocation cream by mistake. Having a warming cream to specifically warm arms and legs against the winter chill is one thing but slapping a load of it around your privates before a 60-mile ride can make you feel like there’s a fire down below that you can’t put out. The only form of vague relief was for Vince to get out of the saddle as much as possible. He’s quick anyway but with this added boost he was, as you might say, smokin’.  
Our ride last week was far less eye watering and it was good to have Mark back after a nasty bout of pneumonia and also Andrew, both of whom lead the second group whilst Mrs C. was nursing a knee injury. Even shorts were on display for the very hardy amongst us – perhaps some of Vince’s embrocation to the knees might have come in useful - and it was a joy to have coffee in the fresh air rather than huddling up in a steamy café.
Jay Walkers
Ingrid sent this link to me which shows a cyclist doing a good deed for a couple on a potential death wish. Jay Walkers
Them Thar Hills
Any Stragglist who might have aspirations of ticking off the toughest and/or iconic hills in the locality should take a look at the link that Mirella sent to me Top 10 Hills
Ridelondon Update
Sue has put together the following list of people who have either contacted us to say they are in and others she has assumed are doing it, based on the knowledge that they deferred last year for this year’s Prudential Ridelondon 100 so this is a quick update of entrants. If there are any more of you are riding in it please contact
Steve Brett, Chris Glew, Patrick Hall, Karen Levene, Julia Snaith, Ingrid Wagner, Dave Venter, Dave Strange, Hilary Hillhouse, Duncan Gaskell, Sue Kahn
Sunday’s Ride with Group Three
Doris has given us her slap in the face and has passed on, leaving us with some quiet and dry weather for the next few days. The temperature should also be reasonably good for Sunday so we might even get to see some of those two-wheeled toys that have been recently purchased.
Mirella has plotted a 35-mile ride that goes up Box Hill
Once again, Sue is unable to take group two as she is still suffering an annoying knee injury. But that shouldn’t dissuade any group two rider from coming out as there will be plenty of Garmined up Stragglists who can lead or yours truly will guide you. Groups one and two will also be heading for Box Hill
I hope you can make it.
Happy cycling,

         Please note: there is no covering insurance policy so every cyclist who rides in a Stragglist group does so at their own risk

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