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Posted 11/3/2017

Hi Stragglists,
It never ceases to furrow my brow when I see someone walking aimlessly along with eyes – and very busy thumbs – glued to their mobile phone. Even more perplexing and not a little annoying is when I have to take a detour around someone who’s standing completely motionless in the middle of the pavement, head bowed like a dejected statue because a message that is more important than life itself must be replied to – immediately. So what has people playing with mobile phones got to do with last week’s ride? Well, nothing really as there was no ride at all last week thanks to some very wet and windy weather. What did happen and for the first time for the group one riders, were a few bowed heads messaging each other and in the privacy of their own homes on the WhatsApp app and it was one good thing that came out of a rotten Sunday. It was the brainchild of Mrs C who set one up for group two a few weeks ago. When potentially bad weather can rule what happens on a Sunday, a mini chat room can save a whole lot of time and everyone knows what’s going on rather than text messages bouncing backwards and forwards. If you would like to be added just download WhatsApp onto your phone and contact me through email or send a text message (07831 311680) and I will add you to the list. Mirella is also setting up a group for her riders so if any of her cycling regulars would like to be part of it please contact her by email or text 07799 415338. These groups are mainly set up for chat and suggestions when Sunday rides aren’t looking good but if, for example, anyone wants to ride at any other time and would like some company then the WhatsApp groups are the places to go.
Sunday’s Ride
As the ride to Tan House Farm never happened last week we will try it again this week. Sue will not be taking group two this week so any group two riders should upload the route to your Garmins. I have two routes, both of which go to Tan House; one is just over 40 miles and the other is nearly 50. This is the long route and this is the shorter one Although it looks far from being a washout, the forecast is showing the odd drop of rain first thing but should be moving away during the morning.
Hope to see you at the Angel.
Happy cycling,

         Please note: there is no covering insurance policy so every cyclist who rides in a Stragglist group does so at their own risk

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