Welsh Castles Relay 2018

Invitation to all Stragglers to run in the Welsh Castles Relay, weekend 9/10th June 2018

This is an invitation to all Stragglers to take part in one of the highlights of the running year, and one in which The Stragglers have featured for over 20 years.

The Welsh Castles Relay race is a 2-day, 20-stage, 211-mile relay race mostly on road but with many hills from Caernarfon to Cardiff, and can be described as the equivalent of the Tour de France for runners!  It is organised by Les Croupiers Running Club Cardiff. 

More information about the event can be found below here.


A team requires at least 20 runners – one per stage – and reserves in case of any last-minute withdrawals due to injury etc.  No-one may run more than one stage. Teams can be single or mixed gender (with the obvious exception of the Ladies teams). 

This year we have elected to apply for an open team (i.e. any age and any gender) and a vets’ team (ladies over 35 and men over 40).   


Runners must be able to maintain at least 9-minute miles on hilly terrain. Please note that each stage has a time cut off, which is stringently applied.  There is a time check point approximately half way on each stage.  

No roads are closed so runners must have previous experience of open road races on an un-supported basis.

The race includes very exposed hilly sections so runners need to be prepared for adverse weather.

Runners should be 18+ years and medically fit to take part.  A few shorter stages are suitable for 16-17 years+ (in accordance with UK Athletics rules) or other runners for whom  9-minute miles on hilly terrain may prove a challenge.


This year, we've again booked The Dragon Hotel in Montgomery and so have accommodation for everybody (teams and supporters) in the same place.

You will get the best "Welsh Castles Experience" if you travel on Friday, run/follow the race through the weekend and return from Cardiff on Sunday after the race.  However, if you can't commit that much time, it is possible to be there for a shorter time, including travelling there and back on the same day.


We share cars and will work all that out nearer the time when we know who will be travelling when.

Next Steps

If you are interested in taking part, simply post your interest here or send an email to WCR2018@stragglers.org. If you'd like to know more, just email WCR2018@stragglers.org

Happy Running!

Stragglers WCR organising committee

Alan Mawdsley, Karen Levene, Tiago Ramos and Dave Griffiths

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