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How do I find you?

Our main meeting is on Thursday's at 7:30pm at the YMCA Hawker Centre in Kingston.

Our beginners' group, The Little Feet, meets on Mondays at The Swan in Hampton Wick.

For details of how to find these venues and our learn more about our other meetings, look at the
Training Sessions  page.


Can I just turn up, or do I have to be a member?

Please feel free to come and run with us, member or not. We welcome runners of all ages, abilities and there is no pressure to join. However - you may only enter races as a 'Straggler' if you are a member and you will benefit in many ways by becoming a member.


I have only just started running, will everybody be too fast for me?

We have a beginners group, the Little Feet who meet on Mondays - this is probably a good place for you if you are just starting out. We always run short distance/gentle pace runs on our Thursday night outings too- just ask!


I'm training for the London Marathon will I find others to train with?

Certainly. We always have 20 or so runners in the London Marathon and a number training for other spring marathon's whose pace varies from 2h30m to over 5 hours. You can find out more on our Marathon page or in the London Marathon's own web site.


Do you offer structured training?

Yes we do, we have  England Athletics qualified trainers and coaches. Come along to the Tuesday evening speed/hill training group who meet at Ham Common or the Thursday night group from the Hawker Centre. Also see here:

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Contact us today if you are interested in finding out more about our club either as a runner, coach or volunteer.

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