Gerald Smith

As founder of the renowned Slimmer Fitter Stronger personal training company, Gerald Smith’s combined years of experience as an athlete, trainer, and writer are second to none.

Gerald’s two-pronged approach to running technique training endows his clients with the strength and stabilization achieved by tip contenders, while incorporating running coaching drills that retrains your running gait to prevent injuries and prolong the competitive life span of both professional and recreational athletes.

If speed strength and a long-term career as a professional or recreational athlete are important goals for you, don’t’ settle for anything less than Gerald Smith London’s top trainer of runners and triathletes. Read more here slimmerfitterstronger

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The Weakest Link (the hip joint)

Prices for Services

  • Running assessment - £100
  • 6 week program (running technique correction)  - £480
  • 12 week program  (running technique correction)  - £960
  • 10 Week strength training program - £600

Slimmer Fitter Stronger

T. 07951 467 281

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