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We are a very enthusiastic group of people who love running and enjoy the company of other runners. We think we have a great balance between all types of runners: fast and slow; old and young; male and female; experienced and newcomers.

If you are new to running, if you want to run simply to get fitter, if you just want a gentle walk or run once a week or if you just want to come for a beer, this is the place for you.

Despite the name, we also cater for more serious competitive running, with teams competing in the Surrey cross-country and road leagues and various championship events. We have plenty of activities to suit all tastes. As well as the regular weekly gatherings, our members and teams enter and organise various competitions through the year. We always have a large contingent entering the London Marathon and various other spring marathons and we make sure that all running events are combined with proper social events. 

We were founded in 1981 and have been pounding the streets and parks of South West London ever since. Our distinctive footprint and eye catching yellow shirts can be seen from a long way off. Many of the founder members are still with us and we have members in all parts of the world.

Currently we have over 500 paid up members of whom about 100 turn up on Thursdays.

So, if you have moved to the area and want to find a new running club; or if you run a bit on the treadmill at the Gym but want to get outdoors; or if you are just taking up the sport, please do get in touch. 

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