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Beating Bushy Bounds 2023

Date: Friday September 1st 2023

Time: From 6pm onwards

About the event.

This is a Stragglers event, running a circuit of Bushy Park in celebration of Timothy Bennett,

Cobbler, who in 1752 forced Lord Halifax, Ranger of Bushy Park, to reopen the park to the

public. The Stragglers annual event asserts the right of free use of the park. Along the way we will be visiting local hostelries to toast the occasion.

Beating Bushy Bounds is open to all Stragglers and friends. Runners, walkers and cyclists are welcome. The finish will be at the Bushy Park Sports Club where food will be available. The club will be open from 18.00, so you can drop off bags, before proceeding ‘The Adelaide’, the first pub on the circuit for the 18.30 start.

18.00 BPSC

This is to only to drop off kit for later. An easy 10 minute jog to the first pub on route

18.30 The Adelaide Park Road Teddington.

First drink, then leave the pub and head to Teddington Gates, Bushy Park, Follow the perimeter path towards Hampton Wick and exit via Cobblers Walk Gate. Stop to read plaque with the Timothy Bennett Story. Continue to The Foresters.

(About 1.5 miles)

19.10 -19-35 The Foresters Hampton Wick High Street.

The Little Feet use this as a base for their Tuesday night runs. Leave and follow St Johns Road, then re-enter the park through St Johns Gate. Follow the path straight up to Hampton Court and exit via the Hampton Court Gate. ‘The 6 is across the road. (About 1.9 miles)

19.50-20.10 The 6 (Kings Arms Hotel)

Quite smart, but there is a large outside seating area. On leaving, re-enter the park and take your choice of route to the Hampton Hill gate. I recommend heading towards the Diana Fountain, then taking a path left to join Lime Tree Avenue, turning right between the woodland gardens. Most straightforward is to keep on until you reach Cobblers Walk, but many of you will know alternatives. About 2 miles

20.35 – 21.10 The Star Nice Garden and old school pub.

The Stragglers Star group use this as a base for Monday night runs. Good opportunity to regroup. Leave pub and continue along High street to Cricket Lane and re-enter park through gate. Turn left following perimeter path. For the Roebuck, take the next pedestrian gate leading to Laurel Road. At the end turn left on Hampton Road for the Roebuck.

Alternatively, miss out this pub and continue on the perimeter path until you reach Clatterstyle gate and the entrance to the NPL, then go on to the BPSC The Roebuck* This is optional and best avoided if you are behind schedule, but will appeal to faster runners and drinkers. Leaving the pub, head East on Hampton Road towards Teddington. Cross road and turn right into Blandford Road, then re-enter the park and turn left on the perimeter road until you reach the Clatterstyle gate and exit into the NPL grounds and on to BPSC

21.30 BPSC

We are aiming to be at BPSC for 21.30, where food will be available (details to follow). If you arrive later it should not be a problem, but may not be food available after 22.00. We anticipate the bar will stay open until 23.00

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