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Matt, Phil and the Punchbowl

Neither Matt Parker nor Phil Davies has realised the other had entered the Punchbowl Marathon last weekend until they bumped into each other in the car park. The event organised by the Long Distance Walkers Association is a 20 or 30 mile hike in the Surrey hills, is open to both walkers and runners. It was first run 53 years ago.

The course isn't marked but participants are given a route description and a GPX file.

Matt had opted for the 30 mile route while Phil had entered the 20 miler. However, the first 17 miles share the same route so Matt and Phil agreed tactics - slow and steady given all the mud - and set off together.

Phil finished in 3 hours 50 minutes and despite a treacherous last few miles Matt squeezed in under six hours with a time of 5:57. Well done to both!

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