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Tuesday Speed Sessions

Tuesday: Speedwork

06:40 Coached Session: meet at Teddington Gate

09:40 Quality Session: From Teddington Gate. Warmed up and ready for strides. This is an interval session. You do need to be fit to train. 

19:30  Quality Session: Intervals session meet at Teddington Gate, run by Simon Brazil. You do need to be fit to train. 


Other speeds and strength sessions:

Thursday: Strength & Conditioning session

09:40 Meet Bushy Park Sports Club for a short intervals session (conditioning) followed by strength exercises. Coffee is available in the Club after training


Saturday: Tempo session 

08:45  Meet Teddington Gate.


Marathon Prep:

If you are preparing for a marathon, the program you intend to follow will probably be 12 to 16 weeks. This assumes you are already fit to train. So allow a few weeks of build up in order to prepare yourself.

Ensure you have a minimum of 4 weeks basic endurance in the bank. 4 to 5 sessions per week  of steady running will get you ready. Set out as follows:

Session 1: 30 to 40 minutes running as you feel but not too fast.

Session 2: Quality Session, Run 5 x 4 minutes at current 10k pace off 2 minutes jog.

Session 3: same as session 1.

Session 4: Light tempo - 10 minutes easy 15 minutes tempo 10 minutes easy.

Session 5: Long steady run - between 8 to 12 miles build this up week on week if not currently running the distance.

warm up and cool down as required.

Group training is fast training,


Head of Performance.

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