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First Summer GP event is mobbed

The Summer Grand Prix opened with a storming first event as 164 Stragglers participated in Saturday's mob match against Fulham RC and the Wimbledon Windmilers. With the event happening at the weekly Bushy parkrun we had a home advantage and despite some good runs by the visitors, Stragglers won whichever way the results were modelled.

On total count the result was never in doubt. The Windmilers had 43 finishers while Fulham had 12 although there were more striped vests in attendance than the results suggested.

With the top eight scoring, Stragglers also won on points despite Fulham claiming the first runner home with Gareth Hopkins who crossed the line in 7th and 16:59.

Pete Gregorowski wasn't far behind in 9th position, finishing in a time of 17:29, followed by Wimbledon's David Sharman in 12th.

Maddie Garner was the first woman home in the mob match and second female in the parkrun when she finished 40th in 18:53. Emma Henshaw was the next woman through the funnel finishing in 19:07 and 45th overall, while Leonie Kennedy was third placed among the mob matchers in 19:14 and 52nd place.

Stragglers also dominated the age grading results although those weren't part of the mob match. Jacky Balfour came top with a grading of 95.86% followed by Merilyn Davis with 87.28%. Sally Boulton was ranked 7th and Kate McIntyre 10th.

Kate made it a family event brining all four of her children to compete for the club.

It was the warmest of days but most participants stayed afterwards for some welcome pastries and if they were Stragglers, to ready themselves for the next event, this week's 5k handicap.

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